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Pushpak Sugarcane Ratoon Manager
Pushpak Sugarcane Ratoon Manager Manufacture and Supplier by Deccan Farm Equipments

Pushpak Ratoon Manager ( Stubble shaver) is a modern implement used to cut the sugarcane stubble at near the ground level. By use of Ratoon Manager all the stubbles are cut uniformly nearest to the ground, there by resulting a uniform growth of Sugarcane crop

The use of Stubble shaver also eliminates the unnecessary growth of weak buds, thereby saving the loss of vital plant food. This energy is used by the plant to grow only the strong buds.

Pushpak Ratoon Manager does the stubble shaving work in few hours, which would other wise take days to complete by use of manual labor.

By using Ratoon Manager the yield of thesugarcane crop increases considerably; resulting in extra profits for the farmers

Special Features

  • Ratoon manager cuts the uneven height of sugarcane stubbles at ground level.
  • For proper germination of ratoon crop sugarcane stubbles needs to shave at ground level.
  • Ratoon crop matures early and maturity will be at same time.
  • Proper ratoon management will increases the yield of sugarcane.

Technical Specifications

Description approximately Details
Length 1780 mm
Width 1270 mm
Height 1000 mm
Weight 300 kg
Tractor HP 35 HP & Above
PTO RPM of Tractor 540 rpm
Field Coverage Capacity 0.3 to 0.4 acre/hour
Fuel Consumption 8 to 10 litre/acre

Note :

Figures mentioned are approximately.

Consumptions &timings are subject to ideal conditions. The data is subject to change on the Tractor HP, Soil condition & Driving skills etc.

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