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Pushpak Palakutti Feature Pushpak Palakutti Feature Pushpak Palakutti Feature
Pushpak Palakutti
Pushpak Palakutti Manufacture and Supplier by Deccan Farm Equipments

Pushpak Thrash Shredder is a modern technology, tractor PTO drawn machine, used for chopping the dry leaves & crop residue on the fileds in to small pieces

Thrash-shredder ( Leaf Shredder) works on vaccum principal & Cutter bar assembly. The vacuum drum; sucks the dry leaves from the field & feeds them in to Cutter bar assembly, where the leaves are cut in to small pieces & spread back on the ground.

The Organic residue cut in to small pieces by Thrash Shredder; gets converted in to organic manure there by increasing the the fertility of the soil

The layer of cut leaves by the thrash shredder & spread on the soil, helps to reduce the evaporation of water content in the soil by sun there by helping water conservation

By using the Thrash Shredder, the yield of the crop from the soil increases, there by giving more profits to the farmers.

The old practice of burning the dry leaves in the farms was wrong because its caused ash & smoke bad for environment. Also the good Organisms from the soil get destroyed due to fire, which is again loss to the farm land ecology. Hence Thrash Shredder is a marvel new implement, which is really a boon to the farming practice.

Technical Specifications

Description Approx Details
Total Weight 1025 kg.
Total width of machine 2135 mm.
Total working width 1830 mm.
Total length of machine 3660 mm.
Number of blades 151 nos.
Rpm of the working shaft 1350 rpm
Suitable for tractor range 45 HP above

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